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    Family Law

    Family law disputes are both emotionally and legally difficult, and it is extremely important to deal with these complicated matters properly, especially if children are involved. Lawyers at Solvis Law take a collaborative approach to family law to minimizes conflict by achieving a fair, practical settlement for all kinds of family-related legal matters—divorce, separation, cohabitation, property division, spousal support, child support and parenting, etc.

    In case it is impossible to resolve a family law matter out of court, we lead our clients through the complex family court system and make sure that their rights are being fairly represented in court.

    Потрібна консультація?
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    Kateryna Ivashyna

    Kateryna identifies and meets the needs of clients through close working relationships and a deep understanding of their challenges and opportunities. She practises predominantly in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, residential and commercial real estate, family law and wills & estates. Her breadth of experience and knowledge across multiple areas of law and jurisdictions enable her to effectively assist clients in a myriad of personal and commercial contexts.

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    Email: Kateryna.Ivashyna@solvislaw.ca

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