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    Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    Litigation & Dispute Resolution

    Looking for dispute resolution and representation in court? Look no further. Our firm is willing and ready to address whatever legal issues are in front of our clients.

    We advise and represent our clients in a variety of matters before courts and various administrative tribunals, boards and commissions. We can provide you with legal avenues for resolving disputes against various parties, such as individuals, organizations, and government agencies. We advise our clients on possible resolution of their matters so that the litigation may be avoided and if it is not possible, we will provide the representation you need to succeed in civil litigation. We know the civil court system and have the skills needed to represent your interests. Our clients can rely on our experience throughout the litigation process and we will make sure that your dispute disrupts your life or business as little as possible.

    We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters. Contact us today for your civil litigation needs.

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    Our team consists of experienced and committed lawyers who are flexible thinkers, tech-assisted problem solvers and whose passion and focus add immense value.

    Working in a comfortable boutique law firm environment, we can adapt our working style to suit your business or personal needs.

    Kateryna Ivashyna

    Kateryna identifies and meets the needs of clients through close working relationships and a deep understanding of their challenges and opportunities. She practises predominantly in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, residential and commercial real estate, family law and wills & estates. Her breadth of experience and knowledge across multiple areas of law and jurisdictions enable her to effectively assist clients in a myriad of personal and commercial contexts.

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